Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New "money smart" Year

I've been doing some price comparisons this week and finding there are still extraordinary price variations for like for like products.

We are buying a second sofa for our living room, so we don't all have to sit in a squashed row on one side of the room, and so the room looks lovely too of course! Anyway, one option is only £465, which is madly cheap, for a button backed linen sofa which has feather wrapped cushions and wood frame, and a very cool style to it. So, I nearly fell off the other, previously purchased sofa, when I found the same exact sofa, from a sofa company in London, selling the exact same sofa for over £1,400 AND THAT WAS THEIR SALE PRICE.

Not only that, but they state on their site that they promise to be better priced than any high street sofa company out there, but considering we all mainly shop on line these days anyway, it isn't much of a promise.

I have already contacted them in the past as they also sell my existing sofa for £300 more than I paid for it. I can not help feeling somehow "ripped off". So make sure you hunt, and HUNT, before you part with your cash. The same item is out there, somewhere - for hundreds and hundreds of pounds less.

Happy 2012 and hang onto your wallet!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I am delighted to tell you that Kate Watson Interiors is about to launch a totally unique, luxury range of designer curtains and blinds, to co-ordinate with our modern interior style. A stunning range of pure natural silks, raw silks, linens, and the most luxurious glossy velvets and boucles will be the core part of this exciting new range. We are already taking orders for this range before we have even uploaded photographs of our sample range.

The most exciting thing about the KWI curtain range is how much cheaper it will be to the customer - we have cut out the usual middle-man and gone straight to the supply chain. And not only that, we aim to deliver on customer orders within 2 - 4weeks, rather than the usual 4 - 6 weeks or longer. We will be uploading images as soon as our brand new samples have arrived at the studio, and look forward to showcasing the range over the coming months, on our blog and on Kate Watson Interiors website, as well as features in magazines. Our prices on this stunning high luxury curtain and blind range will compete on price against all national competitors, so please keep watching for updates, sneak previews, and launch offers as we go live with this beautiful new and unique range

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lighting and Luxury

For a relaxed lighting mood in a dining area, make the overhead pendant low, and make sure it works on a dimmer switch. It will draw everyone's eye to the centre of the table and create a cosy intimate atmosphere. Warm and comfortable chairs are important too, to cocoon you and keep you there for longer, and probably eating more than your pre Christmas diet really allows

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Winter bedroom wonderlands

Here is a work in progress: a wintry chic bedroom with a head board made from aromatic cedar wood. We are going to lazer cut the top of this dramatic scale cedar wood board to create a curvy shape to it, and then sleep like proverbial logs with the gorgeous smell of cedar wood. This has the added benefit of annoying moths considerably too, so no holes in our bed linen

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mohair most magical

I used Bronte's beautiful mohair for the new bed throws at Richard Branson's Lodge in Verbier. The mohair is woven on the last remaining loom suitable for mohair weaving in the UK. The loom can only weave up to widths of 137cm as this is the standard fabric width usually employed. To make really enormous and luxurious throws we used a decorative chain stitch to join three throws together, so The Lodge throws are vast and verrry snuggly!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Artists, alive and living near a street near you

I've recently got involved in a community arts project in Ealing called OPEN ARTS, which has been running for less than a year but already has a host of amazing projects, art shows, cinema clubs, dance groups, writing classes, all going on, and providing a superb venue for local people wanting to get creative. I thought i'd lend a helping hand to the redesign of their foyer as the building, a disused office block had seen better days and needed a bit of a lift. I will be uploading images over the next week of the progress we're making, but check out OPEN ARTS website and see how community art groups can invigorate a neighbourhood and make life a little more fun and joyous

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Glorious French House UK

They don't know I'm blogging about them but I should tell The French House really...I just need to SHARE their gorgeous stock of Murano, Venini, Jean Prouve, and the list goes on, with you...